Sky 9 Innovation Pte Ltd provides both IT hardware and software services to other businesses. We to provide and supply problem solving solutions and increase productivity of our customers. We have a ready team of experts and backend support to serve our customers.


With over 10 years of combined experience coming from our team of experts, we have helped companies from SMEs to MNCs breakthrough their current level of productivity and diminish wastage of resources internally and externally. We understand business process and technology is ever-changing, and our clients should only spend valuable resources on what they do best, therefore we are the bridge between your business and an efficient operating backend. Let us decide, plan, and build your system for your future.

Sky 9 Innovation Pillars


Our service is fast, and we continually learn and grow from experience


We work hard to continuously improve our services, so that they provide more ease for users.


We work to create as much positive social impact as possible for our users.


We understand how important it is to find the right vendor who can support your plan and make you the hero of your company. With that in mind, Sky 9 Innovation Pte Ltd and her team of solution experts, system specialists, technical engineers have come together to ensure that every mission that our clients embark on is a success. And not just a small one, but a magnificent one that will grant you and edge over your competitors.

Sky 9 Innovation Office