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Overview D95/D110/D125 Copier / Printer

D95/D110/D125 Copier / Printer Further enhance productivity, reliability and durability with D125/D110/D95, the supreme black and white production printer that delivers high-speed and high-volume output operations, meeting the diverse output needs of the office and graphic arts market as well as mission-critical data printing.

Handle high-volume printing and post-processing operations in-house with this high-end black and white printer. With an output speed of 100 pages per minute (ppm), a high capacity paper feeder of up to 9080 sheets, and a diverse range of finishing options including stapling, hole-punching and folding, you will be fully equipp to conduct all printing operations in the comfort of your office.

D125/D110/D95 monochrome cut-sheet printers are built with mission-critical data printing in mind; holding up to two high capacity stackers (up to 5,000 sheets) connected to stack up to 10,000 sheets. This enables extended non-stop operation with continuous output, thereby reducing man-hours for intensive printing duties with short turn-around, such as printing of invoices and notices.

Experience this cutting-edge technology today.


Speed & Productivity, because:

  • Single-pass colour scanning at up to 200 images per minute (ipm) so its fast for scan
  • so it comes with 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution
  • Fast print speeds because speeds of up to 95, 110 or 125 pages per minute (ppm)
  • Various ‘scan to’ destinations – Store to Folder/PC/e-mail/USB – so that Allows you to save your print jobs into a USB drive
  • Because it Manages high-volume, complex jobs with a 250-page automatic document feeder
  • Convert hard-copy pages to TIFF, JPEG and PDF files that you can easily store or send so its easy to access
  • Optional High Compression kit and Searchable PDF kit compress the scanned file size and add OCR text information
  • Load-while-run, unload-while-run and change-while-run capabilities mean you can load paper or unload finished documents while the copier/printer is running

Advanced workflow tools

  • Integrated controller allows powerful workflow with an easy-to-use touch screen
  • Innovative Job Flow Sheets enables automatic emailing or distributing jobs
  • one device packing Security features
  • Standard Secure Print. Secure Watermark (optional)
  • Latest network and security standards: IPv6/Ipsec/SNMP. V3/IEEE802.1 compliant
  • Standard Data encryption/overwrite
  • Shows print job’s eco-friendliness
  • Optional servers– the FreeFlow ® Print Server delivers additional flexibility

Multipurpose finishing options

  • An array of finishing options from booklet making to creasing, stitching and hole punching
  • Optional A4 size high capacity feeder, or a choice of A3 High Capacity Feeder or High Capacity Feeder C2-DS


  • Perfect for printing-intensive environments because it can increasing productivity, reducing costs and exceeding customers’ demanding expectations
  • The D125/110/95 Copier/Printer & D125/110 Printer deliver the industry’s most innovative features and capabilities, with the flexibility to choose your print speed, server options, and the media feeding and finishing capabilities that make the most sense for your business
  • Every component within the D125/110/95 Copier/Printer & D125/110 Printer has been engineered for maximum up-time and long-life durability

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