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Overview of DocuColor 1450 GA (Model – NE)

so DocuColor 1450 GA (Model – NE) provides the accurate colour reproduction and high precision image quality printer desired by professional graphic artists.

It further broadens the possibilities of creativity with an even higher level of performance than before, including accurate colour management and colour reproduction, delivers an output resolution of 2,400 dpi, supports direct output of CMYK 1 bit TIFF data, supporting creative work by assisting smooth printing workflows and promoting accurate colour checking at the design phase.


Advanced Technologies

  • Precise “4 cycle engine.”
  • Speed of 14.3 ppm* in colour while obtaining stable colour reproduction
  • No uneven colour and colour-to-colour misregistration
  • Unrivalled 2,400 dpi high-resolution processing
  • EA-Eco toner
  • “Twin decurler” adopted to prevent paper curling


  • Supports various colour workflows and profiles so its flexible
  • because High precision and CMYK profiles can be created
  • Colour management according to the usage environment
  • so many Various calibration methods
  • Perform colour adjustment freely
  • Adobe® RGB and sRGB supported
  • so Accurate reproduction of RGB
  • Enabling comprehensive layout needs


  • Superb quality colour printing of 2,400 dpi on a stable basis
  • Reduced colour variation and graininess
  • The advanced Gloss Control function
  • The various paperweight, size and type supported
  • High capacity feeder enables a large volume of continuous output
  • Colour text reproduced smoothly
  • Useful functions and finishing options for meeting various output needs
  • Various printer proofing functions


  • Enabling high-speed RIP processing, even for large amounts of data

Useful functions

  • All the basic MFD functions are included – copy, print, scan and fax
  • Various scanning features
  • Easier operations with simple screens
  • Security functions based on authentication

Benefits DocuColor 1450 GA (Model – NE)

  • Because its Supporting creative work by assisting smooth printing workflows and promoting accurate colour checking of the design phase
  • so Accurate colour reproduction and high precision image quality desired by professional graphic artists
  • so Various feeding and finishing options to fulfil your needs
  • Easy to use for professional designers as well as office users
  • So Multifunctional

So that’s all about DocuColor 1450 GA (Model – NE) high precision image quality printer

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