Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed


FX1400 Inkjet Colour CF

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The Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Printing Systems range enables high-speed printing at 100 meters per minute. The Fuji Xerox 1400 range also boasts a lightweight body enabling installation of the range of devices on above-ground floor levels. Moreover, the output quality and data print reliability are equivalent to those of currently available higher-end models. With the addition of the Model-S2H, so Fuji Xerox now has a full range of inkjet products to support the growing demand for fast high-volume production, new applications-based and variable printing.


  • Smaller footprint realizing the world’s smallest width (in its class) of 8,200 millimetres by adopting a mid-infrared heater
  • Industry-leading “Drop-on-Demand” Inkjet technology
  • High quality and superior so long-lasting inkjet head technology – 40Hz
  • Robust and scalable Fuji Xerox controller for optimum variable print productivity
  • FujiFilm manufactured pigment and dye-based inks from the world’s largest supplier of industrial inkjet colourants.
  • Pre and post finishing solutions supported by Fuji Xerox’s team of technical specialists


When it comes to the printing of direct mailers, newspapers, or even books, you want it to look great, you want it cost-effective, and you want it fast. The Fuji Xerox Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Printing System allows you to do all that and more. Beyond a great printing architecture, the Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Printing System comes with a host of tools, services, and solutions to seamlessly connect you to the future of digital print and help your business soar to greater heights.

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