LFS 330 – Laser Finishing System


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Overview of LFS 330 – Laser Finishing System

LFS 330 – Laser Finishing System So to ensure you have an end-to-end workflow, the complete Tau330 and LFS 330 inline system ensure high productivity with superior print and quality cut quality on an expansive range of substrates.

LFS 330 is an inline digital laser finishing system for the Tau 330 UV Inkjet label press that incorporates state of the art laser die-cutting technology from Spartanics, with a powerful single or dual-450 watt laser for highest productivity and automatic job changeover to handle multiple jobs in a single pass.


  • Digital end-to-end workflow ensures highest productivity and automation so it will make your job more effective
  • Fully automatic job change-over allows continual production without interruptions so its make your job felxible
  • High Flexibility in terms of cutting applications such as kiss, through, perforate, engrave, mark, score
  • A broad range of approved and qualified substrates such as paper, films, polyester, polycarbonates, metalized material

LFS 330 may also be configur as an offline system, for better flexibility.


For a complete finishing process, optional UV coating, lamination and slitting can add to the system.


  • Significant savings of die-cutting tool
  • Reduced job preparation times as changeover times in conventional finishing are >15min
  • Significant savings in scrap material waster
  • No need for new tool manufacturing eliminates waiting time and shortens delivery times
  • New jobs are print and cut the same day for better productivity, jobs turnaround, leading to increasing service level and customer satisfaction

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