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Xerox Colotech + Coated

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Overview Xerox Colotech

The Xerox Colotech+ Coated range is a fully coated paper specifically for use in Fuji Xerox colour copiers and digital printers. Then it is available in Gloss and Silk coated 2 sides and Supergloss (Cast Coated 1 side) in a wide range of grammages and sizes, with a guaranteed performance on digital colour copiers and printers.

Features of Xerox Colotech+ Coated

  • Firstly, Gloss – The glossy ultra-smooth surface brings near offset quality to your digital colour documents
  • Secondly, Silk – This silky matt finish paper enhances text without compromising on image impact
  • The last one, Supergloss – A one sided cast coated paper with ultra high gloss levels and is ideal for producing photo quality, high impact images

CIE Whiteness: 105 – 132
GSM: 120 – 280

Benefits of Xerox Colotech + Coated

  • High performance and quality
  • Flat paper formation, excellent toner adhesion
  • Thermal stability and perfect runnability
  • Environmentally Friendly
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